Galette ガレットのレシピ


1 Tbsp buckwheat flour そば粉 大さじ1
1 and half Tbsp water お水 大さじ1.5
1 egg 卵1個
Topping of your choice (I used smoked salmon,
sour cream and dill) お好みのトッピング




Ciao :) Here is one of Joe’s favorite espresso drinks, bicerin.
You can adjust the ratio of hot chocolate, espresso and cream based on your taste.

15g chocolate
1/4 cup water
(sugar if you like it sweeter)
1 shot of espresso
a lot of whipped heavy cream


Bicerin from SOMA Chocolate <3

Italian Cannelloni Recipe

(for 1 serving portion/1人前)

1 egg 卵1個
1 Tbsp flour 小麦粉大さじ1
1.5 Tbsp water お水 大さじ1.5
1/2 cup cottage cheese (or ricotta cheese) カッテージチーズ(又はリコッタ)1/2カップ
1/2 package of spinach (about 70g) ほうれん草70g程
Salt and pepper 塩胡椒
Tomato sauce トマトソース適量
Italian bread crumbs (or cheese) パン粉又はチーズ

Thanks for watching :)