Everything I Did Last Sunday

Hi :)  I went to three different events
#1 The Running of the Bulldogs
#2 Garlic Festival
#3 Pie Championship

I took our french bulldog, Lulu, and our friend’s pug, Petunia, to the The Running of the Bulldogs :) It was a really hot day, and Lulu and Petunia were already tired before the race had even started so they didn’t participate :(

After that, we went to Garlic Festival because we heard they would be  serving garlic ice cream. I thought it would be perfect for Joe’s “Weird Food Purchase of the Day” video segment, but they were sold out by the time we got there :(

Next was the Pie Festival. I was so exhausted by this point but was really glad I attended this event. It cost only $5 and we got to try many delicious unique pies! I may make some pie for the next year’s festival :)!

French Bulldog

Garlic Festival



Sweet Bake Shop in Yaletown カップケーキ屋さん

I discovered a very cute cupcake shop in  Yaletown :)


All the products were so cute <3 内装の隅々まで可愛いです♡

Sweet Bake Shop
1141 Mainland Street – Vancouver, B.C. V6B 5P2
Daily: 10 am – 6 pmSunday: Closed


   Red velvet cupcake, double chocolate cupcake, peanut butter cookie, vanilla cake doughnut and classic chocolate chip cookie.  レッドベルベットカップケーキ,ダブルチョコレートカップケーキ,ピーナツバタークッキー,ドーナツ型のバニラケーキ,チョコレートクッキー

My favorites were the red velvet cupcake and the classic chocolate chip cookie. The cupcakes were really moist.

yum yum :9
xox Akemi

Vegetarian Restaurant in Vancouver ベジタリアンレストラン

Hi :) Joe and I went to a local vegetarian restaurant called The Acorn Restaurant & Bar
今日は。先週、人生で初めてベジタリアンの専門店 The Acorn Restaurant & Bar に行ってきました。

The Acorn Restaurant & Bar
3995 Main Street Vancouver, BC, V5V 3P3
Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw, Gluten Free options.
No Reservations. For 6 or more a family table is available for an early or later seating.


Zoodles :) (GF/RAW/V)

***Non-alcoholic Cocktail ( I loved :)! )***
Sur Une Plage…Coconut + Chardonnay Reduction Syrup, Vanilla, Fresh Lemon Juice, and Sparkling Water.

I loved this drink♡ I finished it so quickly and then ordered another one! It was sooo yummy I forgot to take a picture :( It was slightly sweet and had a very unique flavor. It was refreshing because of the fresh lemon.  A perfect summer drink.

ノンアルコールのカクテル(ココナッツ+ シャルドネシロップ, バニラ, レモンジュース, スパークリングウォーター)をまず最初に頂きましたが、めちゃんこ美味しかったです。凄い勢いでのんで、おかわりも注文したのに、写真を撮るのを忘れました>< ほんのりした甘さと、ワインのユニークな味が癖になります。レモンが入る事ですっきりした後味になるので、夏にはピッタリのドリンクだと思います。

***Main Dishes***

  • Beer battered halloumi, zucchini and potato pancake, smashed peas, mint yogurt, and lemon balm (Joe’s favorite)
  • Raw zucchini linguini with mint and walnut pesto, arugula, grape tomatoes, lemon zest, and pine nuts (GF/RAW/V) (My favorite)
  • Papardelle pasta with chanterelle mushrooms, sweet corn garlic, and basil (V/GFoption)

Joe liked the halloumi cheese. It’s slightly harder than mozzarella cheese but milder in flavor. I liked the zoodles because they were well seasoned and much better then the zoodles I made. Mint was a very good accent for this dish.


Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 9.47.58 PM

My zoodles were cooked but their vision was raw. 私のズードルは火を通しましたが、お店の物は生のズッキーニを使用していました。

Chocolate quinoa zucchini cake (GF)
Raw cashew lemon cheesecake (GF/RAW/V)
Roasted plums, thai basil panna cotta & toasted coconut (V)

バジルとココナッツのパンナコッタ (V)


Raw cashew lemon cheesecake(GF/RAW/V) カシューナッツとレモンのチーズケーキ

Joe and I both agreed their desserts were a little too unique for us, maybe because we don’t usually eat vegand dessert or desserts with veggie ingredients. It was still a fun experience though.


Joe enjoys the desserts. ジョーが悲しそうにデザートを食べる様子。

Overall we enjoyed the meal and I’d love to go back for the non-alcocholic cocktail, Sur Une Plage.


Cute book shop across from the restaurant :) レストランにある可愛い本屋さん

LUCKY’S (book shop)
3972 Main Street Vancouver, BC V5V 3P2
+1 604 875 9858

xox Akemi

Sci-Fi Book Shop and Organic Cafe in Vancouver – (Van)Vlog –

Hi :) How are you? Here is another Vancouver video. It might be a little bit tricky to get there if you don’t have a car but we like both places so I made a video:) Hope you enjoy!


I don’t read a lot but editing the video makes me to want to read some books because “reading” sounds like a very sophisticated hobby.



Joe is looking for his next book to read:)


Judd <3


Can’t wait to eat my cookie :9

【sci-fi book shop White Dwarf Books】http://www.deadwrite.com/wd.html

【organic cafe Aphrodite’s】 http://www.organiccafe.ca

Ciao ciao :) xox Akemi

Chocolate in Vancouver バンクーバーのチョコレート

Hi :) This is Vancouver Vlog #1. Today, I visited a local chocolate shop here in Vancouver.

今日は^^ バンクーバーVlog第一弾です。今回は地元のチョコレート屋さんに行ってきました。

I’m a huge hot chocolate fan and this year, we tried at least 50 different hot chocolates in town. Chocolate Arts’s hot chocolates are simple but very chocolatety and I really love the concept of supling chocolate chips and choosing your flavor. This whole experience makes this place special.



チョコレートショット(ホットチョコ)の注文の仕方….. こちらのサンプルを試食して、お好みのチョコレートをカウンターにてお申し付け下さいませ。お客様のお口にあえば嬉しです。


Yum Yum :9  テイスティング中


I choose 65% alto el sol  私は65%のチョコでホットチョコを作って頂きました。


Cha-da- :-D  良い感じ♩


In addition to delicious hot chocolates, they also sell individual chocolate pieces, chocolate bars, cookies and more…! ホットチョコに加えて、粒のチョコレート、板チョコ、クッキー等も販売されています。

Today we had…..
Single shot hot chocolate (alto el sol 65%)
Almond pistachio chocolate
Marzipan chocolate
Crispy praline chocolate
Whisky chocolate truffe
Orange peel chocolate
Chocolate brownie (My favorite!)

【Chocolate Arts HP】