About me 自己紹介

I was born in Osaka, Japan and then lived in Tokyo for four years. I’m in Vancouver B,C now where I’m enjoying my daily life with some cute doggies :) I will be updating my life in Vancouver :) Please point out my English mistakes as I’m still learning.

こんにちは:) 今バンクーバーで彼とわんちゃん3匹と生活しています.バンクーバーに留学を考えている人や,カナダについて質問がある人は気軽にコメントください.出来る限りで返信します.あと英語は勉強中なので間違いをみつけたら教えて下さい.

You Tube】Peasnatch Akemi


tastemade】Akemi Aota


4 thoughts on “About me 自己紹介

    • Hi Shiotadesu,
      Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you like my blog. If you have any requests for new cooking videos, please let me know. :3

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