Brussel Sprouts 芽キャベツのレシピ

Brussel sprouts have a unique flavor, right? I eat them quite often since I moved to Canada.



Whenever I cook, I tend to eyeball everything so I don’t have an exact recipe for brussel sprouts. Next time, I’ll try to scale them.



  • brussels sprut   芽キャベツ
  • soy   お醤油(今回はだし醤油を使用しました)
  • pepper   胡椒
  • garlic powder   ガーリックパウダー
  • raisins   レーズン
  • sliced almonds   アーモンドスライス

After eating them, I realized bacon bits and chill  pepper go with this recipe too.



ブログ村ランキング  レシピブログ

2 thoughts on “Brussel Sprouts 芽キャベツのレシピ

  1. You made it look really good – a potentially yummy salad.
    Not a fan of brussel sprouts in any form…. sorry…..

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