Vancouver バンクーバー


I saw these kinds of sweets so many times but I’ve never tried them. They look so sweet and I don’t think I can finish them myself. Hmmmm. Are they yummy?


When I first came to Canada, I was surprised by all the food coloring :(


But now I think they are pretty. Maybe I am becoming Canadian!

Good night♩

4 thoughts on “Vancouver バンクーバー

  1. Never tried these sweets. The apples are really works of art. I’ve only had the red candy covered apples and they sometimes are difficult to eat…but are yummy.
    The ones in the photo look like they may be caramel coated – yum!

    You should try some of them and blog about your tast tests.

  2. @ Akemi – RE: Weird Food Purchase of the Day – and what’s new, different, or “weird” to you might be something ordinary to us. So that would be fun watching you try everyday American things for the first time.

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