End of the summer

It’s gotten cooler the last couple of days. I should wear my summer clothes before it is too late.


Lulu is enjoying the rest of the beautiful summer weather too.

Today, we met our neighbor, Rosa.

Joe: Hello Rosa. How are you?
Rosa: Good.
Joe: How is Tony (he is Rosa’s husband)?
Rosa: He is on the chesterfield.
Joe: Oh, he is resting.

After we said goodbye, I asked Joe.

Ake: Is Tony okay? Does he have a problem with his heart?
Joe: Hunh?
Ake: He has chest feel something and he is resting now, eh?
Joe: Not chest feel. Chesterfield. It is another way to say sofa.

The end (・v・)


10 thoughts on “End of the summer

  1. Well, if it’s any consolation, I have no idea what a Chesterfield is either (okay, so I do now because you posted about it).

  2. I wasn’t sure what a Chesterfield was either, assumed it was a piece of furniture….I teach in a school where about 1/2 the people (students and teachers) do not speak English as a first language….today, my partner teacher kept saying bottle for battle….so I told her just to say bat first….I’m enjoying your blog

  3. Thanks Akemi…I had no idea what the Chesterfield might be.
    Cool…Now we all know…LOL.

    Great photo of Lulu getting some sun.

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