Smoked Meat, Montreal Style Bagel スモークミート、ベーグル

【Smoked Meat スモークミート】
Schwartz’s (Famous smoked meat restaurant in Montreal)
Caplansky’s (Famous smoked meat restaurant in Toronto.)
Smoke Meat Pete (Restaurant we visited)

【Bagel ベーグル】
Siegel’s Bagels (Montreal style bagel shop in Vancouver.)
There are a few locations and one of them is inside the Granville Island Public Market (

– St Urbain Bagel Bakery (in Toronto)
I couldn’t find the web site but it’s inside the St. Lawrence Market.

xox Akemi :)

2 thoughts on “Smoked Meat, Montreal Style Bagel スモークミート、ベーグル

  1. Yes, I agree with you – lox, cream cheese and a bagel is the bomb.
    I like the egg bagel the best with lox. Cinnamon Raison and Sesame bagels are also very good, plain or toasted.

    Ask Joe,,,if any socks arrive at the studio. The SOCKS are for YOU!
    I do not know when they will arrive. So…just keep asking him.

    Now I have to go shopping for bagels….yum…

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