Japan Trip 2014 #3 Gyoza Stadium 餃子スタジアム

Hello :) Here is my Japan trip video part 3.

Namja Gyoza Stadium (Ikebukuro) 餃子スタジアム



Yum Yum :9

Gyoza were delicious but we were disappointed that ice cream city was closed. They used to carry so many interesting flavors including varieties of  sake (Japanese rice wine) ice cream :(




I love UNIQLO. We bought a lot of down jackets for Toronto the winter. They’re so light and thin, I’ll wear it under my Canada Goose coat  :-D


Akiyama Shouten – (Bonito Shop in Tsukiji) 秋山商店(鰹節屋さん)


Nohju (Rice) 農樹(お米屋さん)

Akemi xox

2 thoughts on “Japan Trip 2014 #3 Gyoza Stadium 餃子スタジアム

  1. Interesting. Every time I visit Tokyo, I will always bring back rice too, and always the Uonuma Koshihikari. In Toronto, sometimes (not often) you can find some at J-town. I also once found it at T&T.

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