Eel restaurant in Osaka (Japan Trip 2014 #2 )

Hi :) Here is my Japan trip video  part 2.

【Uoi】(魚伊) – Eeel Restaurant (Japanese Site)


【Hattendo】(八天堂) – Cream Buns

DSC00013 DSC00014 DSC00015DSC00012


Matcha Cream Buns :9

【551】 – Chinese Buns (Japanese site)

【Rikuro-ojisan】(りくろーおじさん) – Cheese Cake (Japanese site)

You can get Hattendo Buns in Tokyo as well but I belive the others are only exclusive in Osaka.

Hope you enjoy my video :) If you know any good restaurants or shops in Japan, please let me know! I’d like to check them out on my next trip :)

XOXO Akemi <3

3 thoughts on “Eel restaurant in Osaka (Japan Trip 2014 #2 )

  1. Not sure if you have been before, try the following restaurants in Tokyo:
    Tamai at Nihonbashi for anago.
    Kabuto at Ikebukuro for unagi.
    Sasanoyuki, close to Uguisudani station, for tofu ryori. Umenohana is also quite good.
    Kondo, Mikawa Zezankyo or Rakutei for tempura.
    Tempura Daikokuya at Asakusa for ten-don.

    I’m sure you have already been to many sushi or nihonryori / kaiseki restaurants, but depending on what you like and what you haven’t tried, I have a few suggestions.

    When you are in Toronto, try “Zen Japanese restaurant” … it’s my favorite restaurant in Toronto. Owner is Japanese. Tell them I recommended you to go. It’s located in Scarborough, but it’ll move soon tentatively March 2015 to Markham. I usually go for their sushi omakase. Similar to what you get in Japan. You can get fresh unagi and anago there. When in season, you can get the good stuff like kohada, katsuo, kurumaebi, Hokkaido uni, etc. Their tonkatsu also very good, reminds me of Butagumi in Tokyo. Often, they have special appetizers, not on the menu, you have to ask them.

    The other one is Yasu sushi bar in downtown Toronto. Only serves sushi omakase, but quality in my opinion, not as good as Zen.

    There are a lot of very good restaurants in Toronto. In case you are interested, a very good restaurant (not Japanese) in Toronto you should try is “Richmond Station” located downtown close to Yonge St on Richmond St.

    • Thanks for all the great recommendations! I went to Kabuto. It was a really fun experience.
      I was looking for good Asian restaurants in Toronto so I’d love to check Zen out.
      Yasu sushi bar looks really good too.
      I’m kind of sad to leave Vancouver but your restaurant recommendation list makes me excited to discover new restaurants in Toronto! Thanks a lot :)

      • There are many many Asian restaurants in Toronto. Definitely can compete with Vancouver.
        There are lots of Japanese restaurants around Toronto (and I mean the Japanese-own ones), many izakayas, ramen, sushi places and there is even an expensive kaiseki place.
        For good Chinese food, most of the really good ones are in Markham, Scarborough and Richmond Hill. For Korean food, there is a Korean town downtown and lots of Korean places between Yonge/Sheppard and Yonge/Steeles.

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