Tsukiji – Tokyo Trip 2014 – 築地

Hi :) I had a great time in Japan and today I’d like to share with you my first few days in Tokyo and Osaka.
こんにちは^^ 今回は日本旅行の最初の数日間の様子をシェアしようと思います。

On the first day, Joe and I went Tsukiji. There are 2 markets in Tsukiji. One is 築地場内 / Tukiji Jyounai (inside of the Tsukiji fish market), and the other one is 築地場外 / Tsukiji Jyougai (outside of the Tsukiji fish marker) It’s located side by side.

【Inside of Tsukiji Fish Market 】(築地場内HP)
Outside of Tsukiji Fish Market 】 (築地場外HP) 

【築地場内 / Tukiji Jyounai】 (inside of the Tsukiji fish market)

  • There are many shops and  restaurants, but some of the restaurants are very popular, so you may have to wait in line to enter.
  • Tourist can shop there but they have to buy bigger portions since shops there mainly sell to businesses.
  • The floor is very wet. It is better to wear comfortable waterproof shoes.
  • They hold the tuna auction but limit spectators 120 people a day.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 4.04.26 PM

  • 築地場内には沢山のお店やレストランがありますが、中にはとても有名な人気店の為、長い行列を待つ事もしばしばあるかと思います。
  • セリは120人先着順で見学が出来る様です。(詳しくはこちらをご覧下さい。)
  • 場内で販売されいている商品は、私のような一般の観光客でも購入する事が可能ですが、基本お店の方用の商品の為、ある程度の最低量を購入する必要があります。
  • あと足場がとてもぬれているので、歩き易くて、多少汚れてもいい靴で行った方がいいと思います。

【築地場外 / Tukiji Jougai】(outside of the Tsukiji fish market)

This place is more for tourists. I visited this market in the video. There are many shops and restaurants in this area,  but usually shops here open later than the one inside of the Tsukiji market (Tsukiji Jyounai).


Here are the things we ate at Tsukiji Jyougai (outside).

【Kitsuneya】(きつねや)  – offal, beef, rice bowl shop.


Horumon-don (800 JPY)

It’s a really old restaurant. It serves a very famous offal rice bowl (Horumon-don / ホルモン丼) that was very tasty, hot, rich and it has a nice umami  flavor from the meat and miso-based sauce. :) The shop is very tiny and only has four or five counter seat and some standing tables.



If you are an adventurous eater,  you should try!  FYI: On the same street, there is a ramen restaurant called Inoue (井上). It’s also a famous shop in the Tsukiji area. If you are not too crazy about offal, you may prefer this ramen shop :)

ホルモン好きの方にはとってもオススメのお店です^^ ちなみに同じ通りに井上という有名な老舗のラーメン屋さんがあります。もしホルモン系が苦手な方は井上さんに行ってみてもいいかもしれません。

Syouro】(松露) – egg omelet shop


This used to be a sushi restaurant and about 60 years ago, it changed to an egg omelet shop. The omelets are sweet and have a nice dashi flavor. We met the owner and he was very friendly, nice guy :) :) :)


【Yama Chou】(築地 山長) – egg omelet shop

Another egg omelet shop. It was also delicious :9


【Sea Urchin Bun】(関門うにまん)

It’s a black ash bun stuffed with seafood and topped with fresh sea urchin. I was skeptical about it but it turned out to be one of Joe’s favorite snacks in Tokyo :)!


That’s it for today. Hope you enjoy my video and blog :) If you know any good restaurants or shops in Japan, please let me know! I’d like to check them out on my next Tokyo trip :)


Akemi <3

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