Salmon Pâté Recipe サーモンパテのレシピ

HI :)
I love fish and seafood and especially salmon which can be prepared in many different ways.
I can eat this salmon pâté all day :9


1 package of cream cheese (250g/0.55Ib)
1 Tbsp tomato paste
1/2cup minced onion
200g/0.45Ib smoked salmon
1 Tbsp dill
Black pepper
(You can also add salt, sugar, lemon juice, herbs, etc. It all depends on the flavors you prefer.)

Ciao Ciao
xox Akemi

クリームチーズ 250g
トマトペースト 大さじ1
玉葱の微塵切り 1/2カップ
スモークサーモン 200g
ディル 大さじ1位

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