Spinach Triangle ほうれん草のサクサクパイのレシピ

【Ingredients for about 12 pieces of pie】
1 onion 玉葱1こ
140g (5oz) baby spinach ほうれん草140g位
80g cheese チーズ 80g
salt 塩
pepper 胡椒
garlic powder ガーリックパウダー
olive oil オリーブオイル
filo pastry (14 x 18) フィローペイストリー 5枚位かな?


You can also make bigger size too :)

1 liter milk
1.5 lemon juice
(Add salt if you’d like)

牛乳 1リットル
レモンの絞り汁 レモン1.5個分

2 thoughts on “Spinach Triangle ほうれん草のサクサクパイのレシピ

  1. Akemi, thanks for sharing the recipe,looks easy and delicious. Is that parchment paper you place them on, on the baking sheet? and do you turn them or just bake. thank you again. Judy.

    • Hi Airelle :)
      Yes I used parchment paper and I flip them I as need to. :-D
      I should’ve mentioned them! Thanks for the comment and good luck :)

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