Package from Tokyo 東京に住んでいる姉から荷物が届きました^^

I sent birthday gifts to my sister in Tokyo last month. And now she sent me some goodies in return :)


My dogs and I were really happy with the dog treats she chose.



Especially these cookies. They are very popular. Even I liked them, even though the dog treat . I may ask my sis to send me more :9 haha



2 thoughts on “Package from Tokyo 東京に住んでいる姉から荷物が届きました^^

  1. Thank you for sharing! That was fun! I love to get packages with lots of different things in it. Maybe the calendar was just to help cushion everythng….? Nice of your sister to think of your dogs too. Sweet!

  2. Nice video. For your information, in case you are interested, actually, Sailor Moon is making a come back this year, maybe that’s why your sister sending you those stuff. There will be a release of new Sailor Moon anime series this year starting July 5th, titled “Sailor Moon Crystal.” They even have a website

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