Dog Food Update :3 わんちゃんのご飯

I’ve been reading a few dog cookbooks. Each book has a different philosophy but they are very interesting :D I’m still researching, so if you have any tips or books you could recommend, please let me know :)


I always give my dogs some meat, pumpkin and flaxseed oil when I feed them.  The flaxseed oil I’m using is a supplement made for dogs that our vet recommended for Bubba’s joint pain. They seems to love the flavor.  Kill one bird with two stones :D yay

私が毎日みんなにあげているものは、お肉、かぼちゃペースト、亜麻仁油です。亜麻仁油は犬用に開発されたサプリメントの様なもので、先生に勧められて使いはじめました。美味しいみたいで、嫌いな野菜等にかけると、喜んで食べてくれます。一石二鳥だね🐶 人にも良いみたいですが、私はあんまり好きじゃなかったです。

I sometimes feed them a lot of veggies. Sometimes, not so much… It’s depends on what I have in the refrigerator.

お野菜を沢山あげる日もあれば、そうでない日もあったり...笑 冷蔵庫にあるお野菜等をトッピングしているのでちゃんとは決まっていません。もっとしっかりとした献立を作れる様にがんばろうと思います^^

Here are some dishes I made for my kids :) Since I’m Japanese, I’m having fun with making kawaii (cute) dishes ;p

  • Raw lean beef…protein, Vitamin B, zinc, iron
  • Pumpkin puree…dietary fiber, Beta-carotene. Good for vision. 
  • green peas…Vitamins B1, B2, VB6, C, Beta-carotene, dietary fiber. Cook well to make it easy to digest.
  • tomatoes…Vitamins A, C, lycopene, Beta-carotene, iodine. Antioxidant and good for their lungs. If owner smokes a lot, it may good for your dog. Tomato cools the body so it’s good for hot summer.
  • dried sardines…mineral, calcium, iron, Vitamin D, DHA, EPA. My dogs love them :)
  • black sesame…calcium, Vitamin E. Good for anti-aging.
  • chicken liver…Vitamin A, iron. Good for vision and skin, but don’t feed them too much.
  • flaxseed oil for dog…omega-3, omega-6. Good for skin, coat, heat health, joints and immune support and allergy prevention.
  • cookie from a pet shop :)

My pug, Bubba, eats whatever I give him but the other dogs are a little pickier. Lulu and Jelly don’t like raw tomato but they seems to like dried sardines and flaxseed oil.

photo 2 photo

  • steamed chicken breast…low calorie but high protein.
  • chicken liver
  • green peas
  • pumpkin puree
  • blueberry…Vitamins C, E…antioxidant
  • flaxseed oil 

3 thoughts on “Dog Food Update :3 わんちゃんのご飯

  1. Thank you Akemi! This is so helpful. My dog already loves tomatoes, peas, chicken, beef (I’d feel better cooking it), liver, etc. I can reduce her dry food and add some of these more natural things. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

    • Hi Ponytail :)
      That’s great <3 I still feed them canned food and kibble but they seems to be enjoying the new variety of food. haha Hope your dogs like them too.

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