tourtiere ミートパイ

What is your favorite pie :)?



My favorite is apple pie ;)


Joe and I were talking about this last week. When it comes to pies,I image only the sweet, dessert type but he mentioned a famous savory pie in Quebec called tourtiere. And, the other day, we found some at the farmer’s market.



  Cha-da- <3 真ん中のケベックマークが可愛い♡ 

Tourtiere is a meat pie. I really liked the herbs and spices it contained but I couldn’t put my finger on what kind was used. Maybe nutmeg? Or cloves…? Something I don’t use in my regular cooking  ಠ_ಠ mmm



At first, I thought the inside was ground beef but it was actually pork which is the traditional recipe . According Joe, some tourtiere has more meat than this one. Anyway, it was delicious :D I may make my own version next time!


xox Akemi

2 thoughts on “tourtiere ミートパイ

  1. You’re killing me with your beautiful cooking! I need a bib to catch the drool ! :) Get a job at a nice restaurant. They would be lucky to have you!

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