Seijogakuen-mae / My Tokyo Trip 2013 #2 成城学園前

Hi :) Continuing yesterday’s entry, I’m going to post about our Tokyo Trip. Joe and I went to my old neighbourhood, Seijogakuen-mae when we were in Tokyo.


IMG_7973 2

It’s about 25 minuets from Shinjuku.

It’s a little bit on the rural side of Tokyo and more quiet than downtown Tokyo but very safe and liveable area :)


IMG_8019 2

Joe had some baked goods.


We met cute doggies  :) 可愛いわんちゃん達にも会いましたよ!

IMG_8055 2

I love her outfit :)

IMG_7986 2

Cute outfit again :)

IMG_8048 2


IMG_7977 2

Donations for animals that lost their homes and owners in the earthquake.

IMG_8022 2

We went to my favorite cafe when I lived there. I made a quick video here :)


Ciao Ciao :D


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