I went to the dentist. 歯医者さんに行きました><

I chipped my tooth on January first and I finally went to the dentist today! Yay:)


By the way, how was your Christmas and New Years Day? I got some vanilla perfumes from Joe and a rose perfume from Joe’s sister. I found it a little bit funny because I don’t wear perfume everyday. Anyway, I had a great Christmas :) I hope you did too :D



3 thoughts on “I went to the dentist. 歯医者さんに行きました><

  1. I’m glad your tooth is repaired!

    I understand about not wearing perfume. I wear scented body lotion instead of perfume. Body lotion isn’t overpowering, or intrusive to others but I say give it a try. You might like wearing perfume. Or you could save it for special occasions.

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