Chocolate Reindeer Pops トナカイさんのチョコレート


I made chocolate reindeer pops again :) Putting horns on them was a little bit tricky but I’m pretty happy with their final look <3



By the way, can you guess what I started watching a few days ago?


3 thoughts on “Chocolate Reindeer Pops トナカイさんのチョコレート

  1. I love all things Stargate.
    It would be sooooo very cool if you would be a guest reviewer on Joe’s blog for the SGU episodes. OR…you can post your reviews on your own blog. And, Please consider Atlantis and the original SG1 as well.

  2. thanks for sharing Akemi, the reindeer look so cute, you have so many great ideas! Have fun watching the Stargate shows, they are rather good…! Oh yeah, and the writing is kinda terrific.hmmmm. Have a great day!

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