Restaurants / Tokyo Trip 2013 東京のレストラン

Hi :) I got back to Vancouver yesterday. I made some videos during the trip but I don’t think I can embed them so I’ll just put links here. Hope you enjoy :)

昨日、東京からバンクーバーに帰ってきました:) 旅行中にビデオを何本か作ったので、よかったら下のリンクから見て下さい♩

  1. Esquisse(French) – This is my favorite French restaurant in the world!
  2. L’Atelier De Joel Robuchon (French)
  3. Sushi Kanesaka (Sushi/Japanese)
  4. Butagumi (Tonkatsu/Japanese)
  5. Chikuyotei (Eel/Japanese)
  6. Robot restaurant – Food wasn’t great, but show was!
  7. Otakou (Oden/Japanese)
  8. McDonalds
  9. Seijo Alpes (cake)
  10. Imperial Hotel (Our Hotel)

Akmei :)

One thought on “Restaurants / Tokyo Trip 2013 東京のレストラン

  1. Oh darn. I can’t seem to play these videos. I tried last night and again just now. It comes up fine, but when it starts to play, it is all yellows and greens and blues, like the groovy 60’s.

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