Happy Thanksgiving :) ハッピーサンクスギビング

Happy Thanksgiving :) This year, we made turducken (turkey, duck, and chicken) and piecaken (pie inside of cake). They were both delicious!

ハッピーサンクスギビング^^ 今年はターダックンというターキの中にダック、ダックの中にチキンを詰めたものを食べました!焼くのに凄く時間がかかりましたが、とっても美味しかったですよ!


4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving :) ハッピーサンクスギビング

  1. Looovvved your video!!! Especially the cute, goofy guy in the end. No, not Bubba, …Joe! Is he on his back “medication”? Your videos are interesting, educational, and very entertaining!

  2. Love your videos, where ever do you get those great performers, to take pie/cake out of oven and dance with dogs,, and sing?!? thanks

  3. This looks reallllly good. Love your “performing kitchen helper.”
    You have great patience and you are a great cook and baker!

  4. I suppose you’re STILL having leftovers after that meal! Also, there seems to be a crazy person in the kitchen at the end of the video… ;)

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