Chocolate Filled Brioches チョコレートコルネのブランケット

I like internet shopping. Well, more like internet window shopping. Yesterday, I found a very unique sleeping bag.



It’s designed to resemble one of the most popular breads in Japan called chococorone. Chococorone is a brioches bread stuffed with chocolate cream. I ate a lot of them when I was in a high school :9 



This is the real chococorone:)

It mast be very comfortable to sleep in the fluffy delicious chocolate bread :)


2 thoughts on “Chocolate Filled Brioches チョコレートコルネのブランケット

  1. Oh my goodness! Someone brought some of those chococorones to work this week! I thought it was sausage in a roll but the “sausage” looked very strange. So I picked up the container and looked at them more closely and saw that it was chocolate in the roll. I’d never seen that before. I didn’t try one because I was dieting that day and did not want to break it. I do not know where the person got them, but sometimes very unusual things show up for us to eat. The roll was not as beautiful as the one in your picture, but that is what they were.

    • What’s a coincidence! In Japan, we can get this bread pretty much at every convenience store or bakery. But here in Vancouver I would have to go to Richmond to find it because of the area is big Chinese community :9

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