New Suite ジョーの新しいスーツ

At the end of this year, I’m heading back to Japan for my sister’s wedding :) I’ve never attended a wedding in Japan or Canada. I’m very excited and kind of anxious. I’m researching wedding customs in Japan.


I know Joe is asking about outfits on his blog but this is the one he is going to wear.



A broken down suite.
He often points out the fact my arms are moving in pictures but he waves his arms a lot too.


6 thoughts on “New Suite ジョーの新しいスーツ

  1. Hi Akemi: I mean this with the very best of intentions. And I believe you once asked to have your English corrected. The proper wording is probably
    “wedding customs”. Joe’s pictures should probably be captioned “unfinished suit.”
    Hope I didn’t offend. I certainly did not intend that.

  2. Too funny! Love you poking a little fun at Joe (waving arms) bluring his picture. Give him some of his own medicine. :) :)

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