Oil Painting 油絵

Finally, I checked out the restaurant called Raw Canvas in Yaletown. At this restaurant I can experiment with oil painting. Since seen it on Food Network , I really really wanted to go! They offer basic oil painting tools such as, brushes, paints, smocks, and so on.

前々から凄く行きたかったRaw Canvasというレストランに行ってきました!このレストランではおつまみ系(チーズやドライフルーツ、サラミなど)を食べながら、油絵を描く事が出来ます!絵を描くのに必要な絵の具、筆、スモック等もお店においてあります。キャンパスは大きさによって金額が異なります。



You have to squeeze to get the paints out.


I didn’t have time to eat dinner because our parking expired after two hours! The pressure was on!




結局時間が無くなって,ちょっと適当な感じになってしまいました:( あんまりお気に入りじゃないから今度日本に帰る時にお土産に持って帰ろうかな 笑

I didn’t have enough time after all and my picture was kind of sloppy. I should’ve made the ship bigger as well :( This is not my favorite, so I might give this one to my sis.


Joe seemed to have more than enough time to finish his. Next time, I should teach him how to mix colors so he can use his favorite color, purple (red+blue).


Anyway, it was a lot of fun! I want to go back again. Have you ever done oil painting :)?


13 thoughts on “Oil Painting 油絵

  1. Good day Akemi, I think the restaurant/painting experience sounds like a blast! I like your picture choice, happy and makes me think of travel, I like cruises and boats. I have never done oil painting, My art leans toward painting creations for the yard, clay pots, and such. I do things (flowers,butterflys,apples,anything that pops in my head) , so its hard telling what it will end up looking like. Joe looks happy with his creation, good thing he wore a smock,,maybe thats what he thought his food poisoning felt like?? or maybe its a gift for someone, ah what inspiration, and yes help him with his colors..lol…finger painting might be a choice too. Have a great day!

  2. What a fun looking place!!! Can’t decide who’s picture I like best.Guess since I’m on your blog I’ll say I love yours best and if Joe posts on his blog, I’ll tell him I like his best! lol

  3. Very talented. We have a chain here called Painting with a Twist. You can have painting parties there while sipping on your favorite beverage. I’m not sure the health department would allow oil paints and food to be served in the same place.

  4. 私は残念ながら油絵はした事がありません。

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