Coffee Tiramisu and Matcha Tiramisu コーヒーティラミスと抹茶ティラミス【動画レシピ】

I made a traditional Italian dessert, tiramisu. According to Wikipedia tiramisu means “pick me up” or “lift me up”. It’s a very cute name, eh:)?


I wanted to try to different variations so I used a martini glass for the coffee tiramisu and a small glass for the matcha tiramisu.


【Ingredients】I made 2 coffee tiramisu and 2 matcha tiramisu コーヒーティラミス2こ+抹茶ティラミス2この分の材料

175ml heavy cream              生クリーム175ml

135g mascarpone cheese   マスカルポーネチーズ135g

2 egg yolk                                 卵黄2こ

1.5 〜 3 tbsp sugar                砂糖大さじ1.5

1 tsp rum        ラム酒小さじ1

1 tsp coffee extract       コーヒーエッセンス小さじ1

1 tsp matcha powder            抹茶小さじ1

Strong coffee                         濃いめにだしたコーヒー

2 tsp of matcha powder + 50ml water 抹茶小さじ2+水50ml

Lady fingers                           レイディーフィンガーズ


Coffe Extract コーヒーエッセンス

This time, I used coffee extract for the regular tiramisu.  This one (pictured above) has a really nice coffee aroma and color. If you can’t find it, you can use espresso or vanilla extract.



Matcha Green Tea Powder 抹茶

Matcha is a type of green tea available in powder form. It can get lumpy so be sure to sift it before using. Matcha is a very good antioxidant :3♩


P1010016 P1010028

3 thoughts on “Coffee Tiramisu and Matcha Tiramisu コーヒーティラミスと抹茶ティラミス【動画レシピ】

  1. Akemi, I love to eat tiramisu but have never made it, thanks for the video instructions, now I have no excuse, you made it look so easy and pretty.

  2. I was looking to try to eat tiramisu when my husband and I went out to eat on Friday, but this Italian restaurant had a tiramisu pudding (like a bite size portion) and it wasn’t going to be able to be “to-go” friendly. This does not look too difficult to make.

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