Bear :3

I had a nightmare two days in a row. I was attacked by a teddy bear. The bear looked like Ted but its personality was closer to the bear from Toy Story.

2日連続で悪夢を見ました.熊に攻撃される夢です. 見た目はテッドみたいな熊だけどトイストーリーに出てくる熊みたいに怖いです。


Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear



Do you dream a lot?


5 thoughts on “Bear :3

  1. I dream every night. Most I remember. I dreamed about work last night, all night long. It was terrible. I felt like I was at work! I ate either too much, too late at night, or something too rich before going to bed. That effects my sleep. When will I learn not to do that! :)

  2. A Teddy Bear? That’s pretty interesting. What is the bear doing? Is he chasing you or something? In your dream have you tried controlling it? Sometimes I can steer my dream to more pleasant paths. Only sometimes though.

    Thank you for the definitions! My Sensei will be very happy. :)

    Sweet dreams!

  3. Last night I dreamed a tornado was coming. I went to the room that my beagle was in and she wasn’t there. Where was she?!! So distrubing I woke up…late. I had overslept.

  4. I can not only dream, but oftentimes if I don’t like a way a dream is progressing, I can do a “rewind” and change the outcome.

    I LOVE the movie TED. I can’t wait until TED2 comes out. Thunder Buddies!

    Is Joe not manscaping again? (I’m joking).

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