Water Damage


We found water damage this morning. Joe called the plumber right away. According to him our air conditioner is broken and he couldn’t fix it. Summer in Vancouver is cooler than Japan but it was hot when I used the oven and stove to cook dinner.


We stopped using the air conditioner as soon as the plumber informed us that it was the issue but ceiling continued to leak and the water damage expanded. After dinner, Joe decided to go up to check what was  going on up there. I went instead of him because the entrance is really tiny.



The crawlspace was really dark. I tried to locate the source of the problem and I only got worse.

屋根裏って当たり前ですけど凄く暗いです。取りあえず,水漏れの原因を探るべくあちこち見ていたら, 余計に天井が壊れた….




9 thoughts on “Water Damage

  1. I read about the water damage on Joe’s blog too. I hope it is repaired soon. You should be sure you dry everything completely so mold will not do further damage.

  2. I wish you good luck on the repairs, I do not like having water problems, or having to rely on others to fix them in their good time.

  3. Don’t stand on the top of the ladder. Bad things happen when you do. Sorry for all your troubles. I hate when things like this happen.

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