Lulu ルル


My French Bulldog, Lulu, loves toys .  Yesterday, I heard the sound of Lulu playing with her new toy. But it turned out she wasn’t playing with the toy. She found some treats in the pocket of my Stargate windbreaker and ate all of them. Now, I have huge hole in my pocket. Why did I leave my jacket on the sofa :( ?

私の飼っているフレブルのルルはおもちゃが大好きです. 昨日も何やら一人で遊んでいるような音がしていました。でも実はおもちゃで遊んでたんではなくて、私のウインドブレーカーのポケットにおやつがあるのを見つけて全部食べてました。ポケットにに大きな穴があきましたよ。昨日なんでジャケットをソファーの上に置きっぱなしにしちゃったんだろうー(;^;)?

P1000409 P1000411

P1000424 P1000373

5 thoughts on “Lulu ルル

  1. How do you know it was Lulu? Look at that face. She looks perfectly innocent to me. It must have been somebody else’s dog.

  2. LOL…Lulu knows how to get into mischief and cause trouble then look innocent. Terrible that she chewed through a Stargate Jacket…now that is NOT right.

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