My Shiso Plant 紫蘇のプラント

My french bulldog, Lulu, has a sensitive stomach. Last night, she wasn’t feeling well. I know because in the middle of the night, she jumped off the bed and went somewhere. Twenty minutes later, she came back to bed and went to sleep. This morning, we discovered vomit in the next room and my shiso plant chewed on the floor. :(


7 thoughts on “My Shiso Plant 紫蘇のプラント

  1. Not sure if I heard correctly, but I was told that the Shiso helped with digestion and was frequently used with some of the sushi like a wrap.
    It is course and the flavor – well, like chewing on a leaf, but was not bad. My friends loved it; I tried it and I just thought it was ok.
    Of course, I suppose, helping with the digestion could also mean to “help ‘remove’ stuff from the tract that was causing distress.
    If this is correct, then maybe Lulu instinctively tried it? But…who needs a mess to clean in the morning.
    AND…the disappointment of seeing your prized plant chewed. sigh!

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