LASIK レーシック

My glasses broke last week. I brought them to the shop and they fixed them without charge. Lucky :)  But I had to live without glasses for three days. I have quite a few friends who’ve done LASIK surgery and they all recommended it to me.  Have any of you done LASIK? What do you think?


5 thoughts on “LASIK レーシック

  1. I had Lasik done about 10 years ago. I was great. I still needed reading glasses but only for reading. My vision now requires me to wear glasses a majority of the time., But I still have fairly good distant vision depending on the light. I would definitely recommend it, It won’t last forever but it will last for quite some time. Don’t go for the cheap price. At the time I paid 2,500 per eye and it was worth it. Make sure the only use a new blade once per eye as the blade is not as sharp after using it once. Did I explain that right? Looks right but can’t be sure. lol Then once you have it done, next thing to do is Master Chef!!!!

  2. If you have terrible vision in one eye, then perhaps you should have lasik done on the “bad” eye first.
    If you have issues with one eye…that cannot be fixed by lasik, then consider the possibility that something goes wrong with the good eye.
    I have this problem and am afraid that if I had lasik and something did not go well, then I might not be able to see. So…I never tried.
    Hope you get lots of information and a good doctor. It’s scarey to think of the possibility of more vision problems.
    Beside, you look great with glasses or contacts…and even sunglasses over glasses. Don’t tell Joe, but I have put “reading glasses” over my glasses so I could read. Just like you did with the sunglasses.

  3. My eyes are too bad for Lasik surgery. But you should keep a spare pair of glasses. To me, glasses can be a fashion statement, or like jewelry. Sounds like a good reason to get another pair.

  4. My Auntie Janette got both of her eyes done about ten years ago within 6 months both of her corneas became “wavy” and she was essentially legally blind. (She has since died of cancer). I think reactions like this are extremely rare though.

    I’m not sure but I think you can only get Lasik done once in your life (I’ll have to Google that). Personally, I would wait until my vision became really bad and then I would get the worse eye done and then a year later I would get the other eye done. This way if I have a funny reaction, like my aunt, I will still have vision in one the eye (even if it’s bad, it would be better than nothing).

    I agree with Ponytail get a couple of spares, some places offer A Pair and A Spare. Contact your eye Doc and get your prescription (they have to give it to you by law) and you can get them from a cheaper place and then you can get a pair of prescription sun glasses and a cute pair of back-up glasses.


  5. I had lasik done and i am glad I did it. No more glasses!
    Just make sure you find a good doctor and know the risks involved. The doctor should check your eyes (example thickness of cornea and the risk of the operation going bad) and make sure it is suitable for lasik.
    I did it around 2002 and my eyesight is still good.
    Good luck if you choose to go for it.

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