Chocolate Ganache Tarte チョコレートのガナッシュケーキ


I made a nikka whisky ganache tarte.

【For Graham Crust】
Graham crackers 60g
Butter 1-2 tbs
Cocoa powder 1tbs

【For Chocolate Ganache】
Dark chocolate 60g (I used 65%)
Heavy cream 60g
Nikka whisky 1tsp (optional)

5 thoughts on “Chocolate Ganache Tarte チョコレートのガナッシュケーキ

  1. I love it when I can see a video on how to make something, and this looks wonderful and maybe even I can do this, Great Job! thanks for sharing!.

  2. Good Job or Not so Good Job?
    It’s looks very delicious and I wish to try to eat it.
    But when I see your video , I think BOO oh my god !!
    英語でカミカミ 笑

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