Today’s Outfit


Today’s out fit was the polar bear look:) Jelly got two new dresses in the last two weeks. She needs a bigger closet than mine.

今日のジェリーは白クマでしたよ:) ここ2週間でジェリーは新しいドレスを2つもゲットしましたよ.


My apple pie

Yesterday, Joe and I went to the Aphrodite cafe which is close to Joe’s comic books shop. Apple pie is quite popular and a standard dessert in Japan. I used to love Senbikiya’s apple pie and Dean & Deluca‘s sour cream apple pie when I was in Tokyo.

昨日ジョーの行きつけのコミックブックスやさんの近くにあるパイ屋さんに行きました。アップルパイは日本でも結構人気な定番のデザートです。東京にいた時は、千疋屋さんのアップルパイとDean & Delucaのサワークリームアップルパイが大好きでした.


Joe’s blue berry pie.

On the other hand, blue berry, cherry, peach and pecan pies are not very common in Japan.


Aphrodite cafe 1:23  こちらのパイはアフォダイテスというお店で食べました。下の動画の1:23 〜のお店です。


4 thoughts on “Today’s Outfit

  1. I love your outfits for the pups! I did not know apple pie was popular in Japan. I am not a big fan of fruit pies, but my husband loves apple pie.

  2. I am loving the pies there, thanks for sharing, the apple looks delicious, add vanilla ice cream to top it off , nice picture. You would make a great MasterChef, sounds like fun to try out, best of luck and fingers crossed in what ever you decide to do. A dog outfit sewing contest would be great also, you would win. I would vote for you. Have a great day!,,Judy.

  3. Very Adorable outfits!! Also heard you are thinking of trying out for Masterchef Canada, you should do it. Just having seen the pictures of the food you’ve made for Joe, it looks fantastic. Apparently the world needs to see your mapo tofu and piri piri chicken. So be brave and dive into a new experience.

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