Emoticon 海外の顔文字

Hi. こんにちは。

Joe is coming home from a business trip tomorrow. I’m super happy :-D. I’m going to bake homemade oreo cookies for him. It will be my first time to making them so I wonder if they are going to be tasty?

By the way, I learned some English smiley icons today.
:*) This is drunk people.
*<I:-) This is Santa Claus.
Do you know this one ? :-E

:*) これは酔っぱらっている人で。
*<I:-) これはサンタクロースだよ。


7 thoughts on “Emoticon 海外の顔文字

      • That means you gotta do them again. Oooh poor Joe has to eat more cookies.
        (must be part of his plan…get you to make a video and he gets to eat more cookes) ;) <– winking smiley

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