Cobbler コブラ


Nowadays, Joe is trying new recipes from his friends. I’m so happy to discover yummy dishes :)  I thought we ate variety of foods but there are a lot of delicious food I’ve never had before. Cobbler, which Joe made yesterday, was delicious. He used a cup of sugar and a cup of butter. It’s a really hight calorie dessert but I ate it anyway. :9

最近ジョーがお友達からレシピをもらって新しい料理を作ってくれます。嬉しいだよ。私たちは結構色んな料理を食べている方だと思います。でもまだまだ食べた事がない美味しい物が沢山あります.昨日はじめてジョーが作ったコブラ?というデザートも凄く美味しかったです。でもバター1カップ,お砂糖も1カップ使ってるからカロリーは凄く高いです。でも食べます( • ω • )


10 thoughts on “Cobbler コブラ

  1. Yay…Akemi posted first. This looks very good. Yum, lots of buttery goodness.
    Oh well…so much for eating healthier.

  2. I’m going to make this next after my diet from eating cheesecake is over. I’m thinking of using a long caserole dish. Section it off in one third apple, one third blackberries, and one third peach or strawberry. Maybe both and make it 1/4 sections.

  3. Oh, hi, I just saw your post on this. This is the recipe I posted. I saw your fruits question, too. I recommend peaches or blackberries or raspberries. The blackberry version is my favorite.

    I tried a strawberry version for the first time the other day and I didn’t like the final fruit texture. Because the batter sweetens tart fruit, I think the strawberries lost too much of their flavor to being over-sweetened.

    This is a recipe often made where my family comes from in Appalachia. The idea is to be able to use the fruit you have and the batter is sweet enough to sweeten even tart fruit. You can also use different amounts of fruit, up to four cups, if there is fruit you’re trying to get rid of before it goes bad. But if you love the crust, you can go down to one cup of fruit. I usually aim for about two cups of fruit.

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