I love hot chocolate ♡ ホットチョコ大好き

I made a “how to make hot chocolate” video. It’s not complicated, but homemade hot chocolate is way better than instant, right?



3 thoughts on “I love hot chocolate ♡ ホットチョコ大好き

  1. You are right, instant does not taste as good as fresh made hot chocolate.
    It is a convenience to have a packette of power to mix with either milk or water.
    BUT…sometimes the end result tastes like wax and is not pleasant at all.
    but I am lazy….so a cheat way is to buy chocolate milk and warm it up.
    Add some marshmallows or whipped cream and as Akemi says….Cha da!

    • Growing up, we could not afford to buy chocolate powder, so we always had homemade hot chocolate with milk. Nothing better than that.

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