Convenience Store コンビニとスタバ

When I was lived in Tokyo, there were five or six of them just a five minute walk from my apartment. They were very competitive and very fun. I went almost every day and even though I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular but I usually ended up buying some snacks or whatever caught my eyes.

東京に住んでいた時、私の家から徒歩5分圏内のなかに5,6店はコンビニがありました。凄く競争が激しいおかげか、結構コンビにを巡るのも楽しかったですよ:) 特に買いたいものが無いのに毎日の習慣でお店に入って、結局めについたおやつを買ってしまうという事が多かったかな。

I don’t see many convenience stores here but there are a lot of Starbucks.


Akemi ブログ村


AHimi ?


Akimi ?

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