New Cooking Video: Spicy Tuna Recipe スパイシーツナのレシピビデオ

Do you like spicy tuna:)?


Tuna is, of course, very popular in Japan but I never saw the spicy version until I came to Canada. It’s interesting to compare the two because they are very different.

マグロは勿論、日本でもとても人気ですが,カナダに来るまでスパイシーツナみたいな味付けのものは食べた事がありませんでした. おんなじお寿司でも日本のお寿司とカナダのお寿司は全然違うので面白いです(スパイシーツナはカナダで人気のお寿司の種類です)

【For Spicy Sauce】

1tbs       Gochujiang    コチュジャン 大さじ1

2tsp   sugar          砂糖        小さじ2

1tsp   soy          お醤油        小さじ1

1tsp       sesame oil      ごま油       小さじ1

1/4tsp   garlic        にんにく      小さじ1/4

1/4tsp   ginger       生姜       小さじ1/4

Today, I made a double portion of the sauce for 1 avocado and tuna. I don’t exactly remember how much tuna I used.



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5 thoughts on “New Cooking Video: Spicy Tuna Recipe スパイシーツナのレシピビデオ

      • As raw as I get is sardines (as long as their heads are chopped off. I don’t want to see any eyes looking at me). :) I’m in Texas – cattle country. I can step outside anytime and hear the cows mooo-ing. I’m use to cows and horses grazing in the fields here. The fish you catch here must be cooked.

  1. This is really a nice dish to serve. The tuna with the seasoning over hot rice is Oishi!
    (I hope I got that right…this is delicious!) The avocado is a very nice addition.

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