Bubba パグ

We took Bubba to the vet today because he hurt his nail last weekend.



He got a new blue bandage.


I feel sorry for him because the weather in Vancouver is beautiful and he seems really want to go for long walks. But I’m afraid of overdoing it so he only does one block :( He sometimes cries when we take Lulu for a longer walk.


Instead, I make treat for him :9 This is Banana muffin.

お散歩に行けない代わりにババが好きそうなおやつを作りましたよー:9 バナナマフィン




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3 thoughts on “Bubba パグ

  1. Bubba looks very content with his bandage…cute too. That muffin looks good.
    Loved the pix of the ramen – I love noodles and soup.

    You have a NEW blog format/background!! Nice.

    Looking forward to your planned blogging schedule.

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