Ramen :) カナダのラーメン

Ramen is pretty popular in Vancouver. In downtown alone, there are over ten ramen restaurants. Last week, Joe and I went Kintaoro Ramen Restaurant.



He ordered spicy garlic reman. It reminded me of super spicy ramen he had in Osaka :) Pork based soup was yummy :9 Ramen isn’t health food but I sometimes really want to eat it.

Do you like Ramen?

ジョーがスパイシーにんにくラーメン食べてました なんだか大阪の一風堂で食べてたラーメンを思い出しました. 豚骨スープが美味しかったですよ:9 ラーメンはヘルシーフードじゃないけれどたまに無性に食べたくなる!みんなはどんなラーメンが好きですか:)? 私は醤油ラーメンかな(•ω•)


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7 thoughts on “Ramen :) カナダのラーメン

  1. Hi Akemi! There are so many ramen shops in Vancouver aren’t there? What surprises me is that they are all different! Kintaro Ramen in the West End is one of my favourites (they have hand made noodles, I think?) but sometimes the lineup is too long to wait!! So then I go up the road a little bit to Motomachi Shokudo – they have a charcoal ramen that is very tasty :) Santouka Hokkaido on Robson is also very nice. They have lots of fatty pork – not very healthy but very delicious!

    • Thanks for your comment, Katydid.
      Joe loves the fatty pork at Santoka:) We went to Kintaro for 11:40 but there was already a line-up.

  2. Hi Ake and Joe !
    it’s looks so good taste. Do you enjoy it’ll?
    I’m going to take some pictures of Japanese Ramen ,for example Ippudo, AsahiRamen, Tonkiti’s Wkotteri Ramen .
    Oh no instead of writing this comments,I wish I could go there for eat.

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