5 thoughts on “Kale Chips ケールチップスのレシピ

  1. THANKS Akemi! Your creation turned out looking like – separate leaves and crispy. They sounded crispy. To anyone wanting Kale chips…make them yourself. The bagged stuff in the super market is terrible, clumpy, soggy…bad.
    These look sooooo good.
    Thanks again for sharing.

  2. Thank you very much for showing your kale chip recipe. I am not a big fan of kale but these chips look really tasty so I will give them a try. The sweet ones use lemon and sugar?

    • Yes. I usually use suger and lemon. I think suger helps crisp the kale. My friend uses cheese and lemon but I’m not sure which cheese he uses. :(

  3. Thanks Akemi for posting the video, so much better to see it than just read a recipe, and you did a great job explaining. I think I could even make these, and they sound crunchy delicious.

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