Kale Chips ケールチップス


I made my new favorite snacks, kale chips. One is savoury and the other is sweet. I can’t stop eating them!

11 thoughts on “Kale Chips ケールチップス

  1. Happy Birthday, Akemi! Hope it was wonderful. Can’t wait to see the pictures. Am just catching up on your blog. It looks very good! How did you get the cute faces on the doggie treats?

  2. I found some Kale chips at The Fresh Market and at Trader Joes, but they only had spicy nacho and Fresh Market also had a Mango habanero.
    Tried the nacho…and they do NOT look anything like yours. It was clumps of the leaves with the seasoning. Have to say…was not impressed.
    Guess I have to try to make my own like you guys.

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