Pork Belly 豚バラ肉

I made sous vide pork belly :) It was a really long process but it was the best pork belly I’ve ever made.

First, brine the pork for a few days. Then, cook it sous vide it for 36 hours.

豚バラ肉でスビーしました. ちょっと面倒くさいけど美味しかったですよ

まず最初に3日くらいブラインします. それから65度のお湯で36時間スービーします


Slice, sear, and done:9  1センチ位に切って,片面を焼いたら完成です


Joe made a pork belly sandwich:9



うまかっちゃん( • ω • )Akemi


2 thoughts on “Pork Belly 豚バラ肉

  1. The sandwich and the slices look yummy. Oriental style – teriyaki or miso belly pork and hot rice….that is what I am thinking about now. The Chinese dish – not sure of spelling – kau yuk – the red color/flavor like char siu and belly pork used to be a favorite when I was a child a million years ago. yummmm.

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