Quinoa キヌア

A salad I had at Fable recently was really yummy, especially, with the addition of Quinoa:9 I’m  not used eating it but it’s supposed to be good for me so I’m going to eat it more often:) Is it difficult to cook Quinoa?

Fableで食べたキヌアサラダが凄くおいしかったですよ:9 キヌアは今まであんまり食べた事なかったですけど,健康に良いみたいだから,これからはいっぱい食べようっと思います:) キヌアを調理するのは難しいですか?



3 thoughts on “Quinoa キヌア

  1. Quinoa is not hard to cook at all. It’s like cooking rice. This recipe is really good. There are many recipes available online. Just search quinoa as an ingredient.

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