Hot Chocolate @ Chocolate Arts

Joe and I have been checking out the local hot chocolate festival in Vancouver :9 Yesterday, we went to Chocolate Arts.

Joe と一緒に毎日ホットチョコレートツアーしてます :9 昨日は Chocolate Artsに行きましたよ.


“ARMOURY AMOUR” (Cocoa Barry “Madirofolo”– a single plantation chocolate, kissed with raspberry, and served with a mini lemon and basil ice cream sandwich).


This was my favorite so far♡ I love chocolate with fruit flavor so it was my cup of tea. Or chocolate;) I finished drinking this one in under five minutes :)

今まで試した中で1番すきでした♡もともとチョコレートと果物のコンビネーションが大好きなので凄くmy cup of teaでした.美味し過ぎて5分位で食べ終わっちゃったよ( • ω • )わー


The other hot chocolate flavor was “WHEN PIGS FLY” (Cocoa Barry “Alto El Sol” — a single plantation chocolate, topped with maple and bacon marshmallow, and served with a peanut butter cookie.)



Chocolate Arts has really yummy chocolate brownies as well:9



14 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate @ Chocolate Arts

  1. I am not really a chocolate fan but I am really enjoying your blog posts. And I must say the chocolate looks really amazing.

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