Hot Chocolate @Bella Gelateria

Continuing from last blog’s entry, Joe and I went to Bella Gelateria to sample their hot chocolate♡ I had “ITALIAN HONEY MOON” (honey nougat and hazelnut made with Avalon Organic milk and Michel Cluizel chocolate).

前回のブログに引き続きホットチョコレートを飲んできました♡ 私は”イタリアン ハネムーン”(ハニーヌガーとヘイゼルナッツ)を注文しました



I’ve had some flavor infused hot chocolate before but I’ve never had hot chocolate with some crunchy toppings. It was actually quite yummy and I also loved the fact that the honey nougat and hazelnut lasted till the last sip :9




The cup was huge :)


Joe had “MONKEY’S CHOICE” (Caramelized Banana & Honey)

ジョーさんは”モンキー チョイス” (キャラメライズバナナとハニー)を注文していました


Yummy :9 Very banana flavor.



4 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate @Bella Gelateria

  1. That looks so yummy! How do you feel about flavored teas? I’ve been going to a local tea shop and they have the best Belgium chocolate and chocolate chi teas. They are addicting!

  2. I don’t usually crave hot chocolate…but you have shown us some really yummy looking selections. I can see where I have to try some of your favs.

  3. Those pictures look soooo good! They now have free hot chocolate at work. First time ever in my working career to get something free (since I don’t drink coffee). It is good hot chocolate too. Now I want one! Now! I’ll make me some chocoate milk. That is a good substitute…for now.

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