Chocolate チョコレート


こんにちは( • ω • )


Three weeks til Valentine’s Day. In Japan, my favorite event is “La Salon du Chocola.” I wish I could go…:*( In Vancouver, the hot chocolate festival started last week. We went to Thierry Chocolaterie today to sample their hot chocolates.



I had a 72% dark hot chocolate:9



Joe had the Oh Canada (maple and pecan nuts I think) :9 The maple was nice and sweet. It tasted like Canada:9



I had a chestnut tart too. It was super yummy!



11 thoughts on “Chocolate チョコレート

  1. Oh man, those hot chocolates look good. Especially the dark chocolate one. (The darker, the better, in my opinion.)

    I wanted to share this video I made of my friend’s dog, Toby, in Prince Edward Island, enjoying the peanut butter doggie treats that I made from your recipe.

  2. I have bought all the ingrediants to make those cookies except the milk. I was waiting until I actually had time to bake them before I got that. I’m really excited because I will be giving a lot of them away to other dog parents at work, much to the dismay of my dog!

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