Yellowknife イエローナイフ

I got back from Yellowknife two days ago. It was cold but I had a great time with friends:)

The day time average temperature was -30 give or take!

I rented a Canada Geese outfit. I also wore my Stargate wind (window) breaker under the coat.
現地でカナダギースのジャケットをかりました. その下にもウインドブレーカー着ました.

The first day, I was able to see the very beautiful Northern Lights. My friend took really good pictures so I’m going to share:)

The sky was really clear. I saw many shooting stars.


4 thoughts on “Yellowknife イエローナイフ

  1. Welcome back. Glad you didn’t freeze any extremities off. How do they keep the cars from freezing? Strange how such a harsh environment has such natural and amazing beauty. The pictures are awesome.

  2. The pictures are very pretty thanks to you and your friend for sharing with us. You are very brave to go to where it is SOOOOOO cold.

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