iphone5 携帯

I got the iPhone 5 as Christmas present from Joe:)



Yay :)♡ I was kind of disappointed by the fact he chose it in black at first but I’m so happy to have a cell phone. This is my first iPhone.  I’ve only downloaded two apps so far. Do you know any good apps :)?


5 thoughts on “iphone5 携帯

  1. Wow!!! Now we can be text buddies!!! lol I have the 4s and love it. Apps? I have a ton of them. Are you looking for games or shooting videos and photos? One app that is fun is called Viddy. It’s like twitter but you share 15 second videos. If you get that, you can find me under -> woodysg1 Hope you all are having a great New Year!!!

  2. If you like doing any kind of photography with it, I would suggest one called “Top Camera” and another called “360 Panorama” for doing wide angle/panoramic shots. I would also probably download the new Google Maps app.

    Most of all, just play with it and have fun! I love my iPhone 5. I’ve really gotten used to using Siri and find it (her?) a real help.

  3. Hey Akemi! Hope all went well in Yellowknife! Just wanted to let you know that I made some of the peanut butter doggie biscuits from the recipe you posted for my friends’ dog, Toby in Prince Edward Island. I took them over this past weekend and he LOVED them!

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