Scratch Cards カナダのスクラッチ



I bought some lottery tickets :) So far I’ve won only $4 in total but I’m ashamed to exchange them  for such a small amount…  I should keep going until I win bigger prize.

スクラッチカードを買いました. 今のところ4ドル当たりました. でも4ドルだけ換金するのは恥ずかしい.


9 thoughts on “Scratch Cards カナダのスクラッチ

  1. Heya, whether it is $2.00 or $200 – you should collect your winnings.
    If you wait…and save them for later, you might lose them.

  2. So cute designed scratch cards.
    Well I’ve got Nenmatu Junbo Takarakuji.
    If I’ll get the first prise, I get 600millon JP Yen.
    Pls. pray bouth of our good luck.
    From Katsuhiko Japan

  3. You should cash them in. If you don’t want the cash, get more cards. You never know which card the big jackpot will be on. Good luck. :)

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