Christmas Market クリスマスマーケット

This weekend, Joe and I went to the Vancouver Christmas Market.


Even thought I’ve never been there, I imagine that European countries have a great Christmas atmosphere.


It was a cold day so  we enjoyed mulled wine. :9


German pasta?


Apple something.

German wooden toys.


Very cute ornaments.


I want to make a gingerbread house next Christmas!


8 thoughts on “Christmas Market クリスマスマーケット

  1. Thanks Akemi and Joe for coming by the Vancouver Christmas Market. There’s definitely nothing like a good ol’ cup of mulled wine to keep you warm as you walk the market. Thanks so much for taking those wonderful photos and sharing that video clip. I hope you, and your doggies, have a wonderful Merry Christmas and the most amazing holiday this year!

  2. Cool clip of jumping toys! I love the pictures you post. They seem so much more colorful than Joe’s. (Don’t tell him I said that. It will be our secret!) :)

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