Popcorn ポップコーン

I found a unique vegetable at the farmer’s market last weekend.



I put this tiny corn in a paper bag and microwaved for 2 to 3 minutes.



I heard pop pop pop popping. When I checked, the paper bag was full!

And inside was… Cha-da-




Popcorn:0 It was kind of funny looking. You can add your favourite flavour such as butter, salt, some spices :9 It was like a science class and I had a lot of fun:)

ポップコーン:0 ちょっと面白い感じになってるw お好みでバターやお塩,スパイス等を加えて下さい:9 このコーンは初めて見ました. サイエンスの授業みたいで楽しかった!おわり( • ω • )




3 thoughts on “Popcorn ポップコーン

  1. Well, this is so cool!
    Guessing this is dried? Is it called popping corn or similar name/
    Science experiment – add sugar and salt to make a kinda like kettle corn, which is one of my favorite flavors of pop corn.
    But the sugar and salt might not stick to this popped corn.
    Perhaps drizzle some melted butter and sprinkle the sugar and light salt….making myself hungry now.

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